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  • "A Very Grateful Satisfied Client”

    Not only is the office immaculate,  this is the best Law Firm I have used hands-down and I’ve had a few cases in the past. In the past, I’ve felt left in the dark and had cases that should take a year or two to go on for years to be left with a penny. Not with this law firm. Every question I had was answered. Working with My lawyer Chuck was the first time I felt confident in a lawyer. He was honest about everything from the jump, and he worked very quickly. I didn’t even know that was possible to find a lawyer. Every question I ever had was answered, however, he was so upfront and informative that I rarely had any concerns. I’ve never felt that with a law firm before. If I can give him 6 stars. I would give him 6 stars. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. You have changed my life for the better. Needless to say, I do recommend this law firm.
    Latrisha McVay | Commercial Accident
  • "The Firm You Can Always Lean On”

    ”Having Charles Sanders as my lawyer has been exceptional! I got into a car accident May of 2022 while pregnant with my son, the accident caught me off guard and put me in a stressful state of mind luckily I reacted quick and called Charles Sanders he then took care of me throughout my whole pregnancy and afterwards made sure all my needs where taken care of and the baby! I recommend Rose Sanders Lawfirm if your involved in an auto accident his team did a great job! Very professional! Special thanks to Arecelie. Awesome team. A very grateful satisfied client!”
    - Kaeyron Livings
  • "You Can Trust 
    Rose Sanders Law Firm"

    “When I found myself in a situation where I needed an attorney, it took me a long time to accept I needed help. My injury was traumatic, and it altered the course of my life. Finding an attorney became a necessity, but I also know my high level of anxiety would mean I would need to both be vulnerable and trust. Working with Rose Sanders Law Firm turned out to be a fantastic decision. I felt heard even when I was upset, hurting, and confused. That says a lot for a law firm. If you need guidance through your difficulties, you can trust Rose Sanders Law Firm.”
    - Peggy H. | Personal Injury
  • “It Was A Life
    Changing Settlement”

    “I had the privilege of being represented by Mr. Sanders with the Rose Sanders Law firm in an accident case where the other driver was not insured and rear-ended my truck at a red light. Chuck handled the case professionally and in a timely manner. I highly recommend him and his outstanding team. Thank you.”
    - Jerry | Car Accident Client
  • "Calls Out Every 
    Detail Of Your Case"

    “THIS IS THE FIRST LAWYER THAT ACTUALLY CALLS AND TELLS YOU EVERY DETAIL OF YOUR CASE WITH CONSISTENCY! Mr. Sanders helped me with my case as I am a Truck Operator. Super reliable guy!

    Thank you Mr. Charles Sanders”
    - Christian Alexander | 18-Wheeler Accident
  • "Very Knowledgeable 
    In Claims & Accidents"

    “Attorney Charles helped me with my claim. He is the best, great sense of humor also very professional. His secretary was very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend this young man and his staff . Thank you from the bottom of my heart. They also were very knowledgeable in claims and accidents it didn’t take long for him to settle my claim.”
    -Shiela F. | Personal Injury
  • "I Knew It 
    Was A Great Match"

    “When I got the opportunity of a lifetime to sign a recording contact I knew I needed representation to help negotiate the terms of this contract. I found Erica and The Rose Sanders Law Firm. She is the only attorney in Texas with a LLM in media and entertainment law. I knew it was a great match for me. I hired her and she negotiated the terms of the contract and I got the percentage that I deserved. Thank you Erica and Rose Sanders Law Firm.”
    -Jerome W.
  • "Fought Hard To 
    Get Me Compensation”

    “Great law firm, Charles was a real hustler and go-getter. Really cared about my experience and fought hard to get me compensation.”
    -Jerome W.
  • "They Treat You Like Family”

    “Absolutely phenomenal! Mr. Sanders helped us with my wife’s car accident and injuries. Any questions will be answered promptly and they treat you like family.”
    - Scott Henkelman
  • "Helped My Husband Get 
    Generously Compensated For Damages”

    “Chuck represented my husband in a pretty bad car wreck. He took care of everything, was available at all times, literally. Great communication and helped my husband get generously compensated for damages. I highly recommend Rose Sanders Law Firm."
    - Lindsey Markey
  • "On Top Of Every Single 
    Thing That Needed To Be Done”

    “Rose Sanders Law Firm was amazing and very helpful towards my accident. Charles Sanders was very informative and on top of every single thing that needed to be done. If I had a question they were there to answer it, if I needed an appointment they would make sure I was on the way to it. I can recommend to everyone and they would deliver everything they need. Believe me when I say I will go to them every single time."
    - David Fox
  • "I Have Full Confidence In Them”

    “Charles Sanders and his team have been amazing throughout this entire stressful process I have full confidence in them and have nothing but good things to say about them. Rose Sanders law firm has definitely been my silver lining shining brightly through this dark clouded, unforeseen, and unfortunate, time in my life and I am so very grateful to have found, and hired them, I would strongly recommend Charles Sanders to anyone who is suffering from someone's carelessness or negligence to represent you and ease the pain and stress of the whole legal process for receiving justice from large bullying corporations."
    - Keith Stanfield
  • "He Handled My Case With Expert Precision”

    “I was involved in a horrible accident and Mr. Sanders was the man for the job. I called several attorney but I didn’t get the same transparency one seeks when in a vulnerable state of mind. He handled my case with expert precision and I received the compensation I was granted. Thank you! I hope to never be involved in an accident, but if it ever happens, I know who to call."
    - O’teme Notoma

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