Bus From Dallas to McAllen

bus from dallas to mcallen

If you are planning to travel to McAllen from Dallas, Texas, you may want to take a bus. The bus ride from Dallas to McAllen is nine hours and forty minutes long. To get to McAllen, you should purchase your ticket online before you travel. There are several options, including flights and buses. However, you should consider driving if you have limited time. The bus rides from Dallas to McAllen can be long and tiring, so you'll want to consider the time and distance before choosing a route.

The shortest way to get from Dallas to McAllen is by plane. There are three plane services between the two cities. A plane flight from Dallas to McAllen covers 460 miles in two hours. You can purchase a ticket for as low as $150 USD. The flight number on this route is 3304. Another option is to drive from Dallas to McAllen. It takes about nine hours and costs around fifty-three dollars in fuel.

You can also take the bus from McAllen to Dallas for a cheaper price. There are several bus companies operating from Dallas to McAllen. The cost of the bus tickets varies from 58 to 78 USD, but it is a cheap way to get to McAllen. Depending on the season, the price of the tickets varies. The bus ride from Dallas to McAllen is about four hours and 25 minutes, depending on the bus service provider.