East West Law Group

east west law group

East-West Law Group, Inc. is a business entity in the legal state of California. It was incorporated on Friday, 2 July 1999. Kelly Giles is listed as the company's legalĀ  agent. This law firm is a member of the ABET (American Board of Trial Advocates). Although some people prefer experienced lawyers, others don't mind a newbie if they are attorney hardworking. In addition, the law firm's reputation will help you decide on the right personal injury attorney for your legal case.

Wu has pleaded guilty to visa fraud, money laundering, and obstruction of legal justice. He also forfeited a portion of the good attorney profits from his scheme, including thirty vacant cemetery plots and twenty grave monuments. The attorneys seized the grave plots and memorials because they were used as money laundering schemes. Most personal injury lawsuits are settled out of legal court. According to law enforcement legal authorities, the defendants used the grave plots as a cover to hide the proceeds from the fraudulent visas.