January 18, 2023

Houston Museum Of Natural Science

Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is a renowned institution that focuses on natural history, paleontology, astronomy and gems, and minerals. It has been one of the most popular museums in the United States for more than a decade and has over two million visitors every year. Located in the Museum District of Houston, the museum features four floors of permanent and traveling exhibitions. Houston Museum Of Natural Science

In addition to its permanent collection, the museum offers world-class touring exhibitions. This includes an IMAX(r) theater. These special exhibits require an extra fee. However, the museum does offer free admission on Thursdays during normal hours.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is located in the Museum District of Houston. The museum offers over four floors of exhibits, including a planetarium. Additionally, the facility houses the Cockrell Butterfly Center and a giant-screen theatre. There are also several permanent galleries that offer exhibits on dinosaurs, Texan wildlife, fossils, gems and minerals, astronomy, and more.

The halls on the first floor of the museum are designed to show visitors the various species of animals found in Texas. The Farish Hall contains more than 425 specimens of animals. There are also robotic animals on display. Visitors can learn more about endangered and extinct species as well.

In addition to the regular exhibits, the museum hosts special events. These include the King Tut Discovery Experience, which transports guests back in time to the life of the legendary Egyptian pharaoh. They can explore the tomb and the burial chamber through a winding tunnel. The experience closes on May 30, 2023.

For the younger ones, there are a variety of exhibits on animals, including the African Wildlife Hall, which features more than 120 specimens. Guests can see birds and mammals such as the Giant Forest Hog, Rock Hyrax, and Okapi. Some of the animals are brought to life with robotic movements, and some come alive with sounds.

The Morian Paleontology Hall, which opened in 2013, offers a glimpse of prehistoric creatures. It is the largest expansion the museum has ever made. Here, the visitor can study the 3.5 billion-year journey of life on Earth. A large football field-sized room houses classrooms and additional exhibit space.

Visitors can also take a trip on the Geovator. This is a simulator that transports them back in time to the Cretaceous Period.

Other highlights include the Egyptian Hall of Ancient Egypt, which features millennia-old artifacts. Guests can also explore the human body at the Body Worlds exhibit. Guests can also tour the museum's interactive chemistry-related displays at the Welch Chemistry Hall.

Finally, the African Wildlife Hall boasts more than 70 species of birds and mammals. The center also offers a variety of dioramas, which teach patrons about endangered and extinct species. If the museum is closed, visitors can check out its large gift store. Moreover, pop-up retail shops offer items related to special exhibitions.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is a great choice for a day out with the whole family. With its extensive collection of special exhibitions, the facility is sure to be a hit.

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