Houston Oilers

Houston Oilers

The Houston Oilers were a team that played in the city of Houston for a long time. They were a charter member of the American Football League, which was a rival to the NFL. They won their first championship in 1960 and won another in 1961. Houston Oilers

It was in that year that the Oilers became the first professional football team to play in a domed stadium. A 50,000-seat stadium, called the Astrodome, was constructed in Houston. In addition to the new field, the Astrodome also had 65 luxury boxes. This was funded by a doubling of the hotel tax in Houston.

For more than sixty years, the Oilers were a part of the sports culture in Houston. The name evoked the oil boom of Texas. Even today, references to the Oilers are found everywhere in the city.

During its time in the Lone Star State, the Oilers made their fair share of playoff runs. Head coach Jack Pardee led the Oilers to four straight postseason appearances in 1990. Earl Campbell was the centerpiece of the Oiler's offense in the 1980s. He was a Pro Bowler, and his jersey remains popular at NRG Stadium.

In the 1970s and 80s, the Oilers won the majority of their games. In 1976, the Oilers had an impressive 5-9 season. After a couple of disappointing seasons, they improved to 8-6 in 1977. However, they didn't make the playoffs in their next two seasons.

There are plenty of reasons to love the Oilers. They won their first AFL championship in 1960, and they were the league's champions twice before the merger with the NFL in 1970. Their logo, which was created in 1962, featured a "cozy man in a gold cowboy hat".

In fact, the Oilers were one of the only AFL teams that won a title during the merger. Wally Lemm coached the Oilers to an East division title in 1967. Lou Rymkus was the head coach of the 1960 team.

It took a lot to get the Oilers back on track after the 1990s. The biggest challenge was attracting fans, and the owner was unhappy with the attendance at games. Eventually, the Oilers moved to Tennessee.

In the process, the name of the Oilers was changed to the Tennessee Titans. While the team didn't win any more championships, it did enjoy a brief moment of prominence. As the Oilers prepare to enter their third decade in the city, they remain a popular topic of conversation.

Although the Oilers' final game in Houston was a rout, the team's overall record was a disappointment. Overall, the Oilers lost almost every season in the 1990s.

The team made its last playoff appearance in 1993. Sadly, they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Divisional Round. And they were hamstrung by injuries. One of the Oilers' most famous players, Earl Campbell, left the franchise at the end of the 1984 season.

While the Oilers didn't win any more titles, the team was a big part of the city's history. They were a beloved part of Houston's sports culture.