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houston tx law

When faced with an emergency situation, Houston residents can take a tip from NASA engineers. You should always know how to protect your legal rights and scene, call the police, and know what the role of insurance companies and attorneys are. Legal aid is available at affordable rates, and you should seek out help from a Houston lawyer if you think you may be in need of one. Here are some common emergencies and what to do in attorney Houston.

Always stay in your lane. Most highways are divided into lanes, with the left lane being for passing. You cannot obstruct traffic in the left lane unless it is an emergency. However, this is not possible in Houston, because large trucks slow down traffic flow. Consequently, many truckers assume that they can't stay in the left lane, but this is not the legal case. Houston has different laws for truck drivers, and a truck may be allowed to stay in the left lane during certain times.

Houston's Legal Department is made up of over 100 lawyers. It specializes in litigation, and the office attorney serves many different types of clients. For example, the department handles matters related to the City's redistricting and election processes, which are both governed by Texas law. It also deals with neighborhood protection and law quality of life issues. It can be difficult to find a Houston lawyer who can handle all of these things.