January 27, 2023

Margaritaville Lake Resort Lake Conroe Houston

Margaritaville Lake Resort in Houston, Texas

The Margaritaville Lake Resort in Montgomery, Texas is a 186-acre destination resort on the shores of beautiful Lake Conroe. This waterfront property, designed by renowned architect Jimmy Buffett, boasts a slew of high-end amenities and features. Its location is also just an hour from Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Whether you want to take a boat ride or relax in the hot tub, you're sure to find your fill of relaxation here. Guests can also indulge in the hotel's many amenities, including a golf course, a full-service spa, and a handful of water sports. You can even rent a boat or slip to enjoy your time on the lake. Margaritaville Lake Resort Lake Conroe Houston

Located on the shores of Lake Conroe, Margaritaville Lake Resort is just one hour's drive from the heart of Houston. If you're looking for a fun and relaxing getaway with the family, Margaritaville is the place to go. The resort is designed with the traveler in mind, focusing on amenities and features that will help you unwind and get the most out of your visit. Whether you're in the market for a romantic weekend away, a corporate retreat, or a fun-filled family day trip, Margaritaville Lake Resort is the perfect place to start.

In addition to its snazzy suites, the Margaritaville Lake Resort boasts a multitude of other amenities. A 3.5-acre water park with a lazy river, waterslide, and a private beach is just the beginning. There's also a full-service spa and fitness center to round out the picture. Of course, there's no shortage of fun to be had by the entire family, from the kids to the grandparents. Designed with the millennial in mind, the resort is also stocked with some of the newest techs in the industry. For example, it is the first and only resort in the country to offer a slew of ADA-compliant suites.

The resort's namesake water park is a slam dunk, as is the 5 o'clock Somewhere swim-up bar. But if you're after a true home away from home, you'll be glad to know that the hotel's 32 lakefront cottages also make for an excellent vacation base.

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