June 16, 2022

Oil Rig Deaths 2021

oil rig deaths 2021

The number of fatal accidents on offshore oil rigs is on the rise, and it's not surprising, given the dangerous nature of the work. Many accidents occur on oil rigs, and three out of five result in some sort of injury. These accidents are often the result of caught-between, struck-by, or fall-related hazards. Unguarded machinery and equipment, and objects that don't provide enough protection from the elements are among the main contributors to oil rig accidents. As a result, rig workers are particularly susceptible to falling-related accidents, such as from an elevated platform. Additionally, dangerous working conditions are also a major contributing factor, with improper safety training and inadequate equipment leading to serious injuries and fatalities.

A fatal accident on an offshore oil rig occurred in Harris County on Wednesday.  The accident occurred in the 7000 block of Winfield Road, near Suburban Road, in Humble. The accident was caused when the back of the rig fell on the worker, who was killed at the scene. Authorities have yet to identify the man. The death is the latest in a string of oil rig accidents, which have claimed the lives of more than 200 workers since 2011.

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) recently released data on oil rig deaths, spanning from 2006 to 2018. However, this data is not consistent with the raw data. Two deaths reported in 2019 were not included in the BSEE's report, including two that were the result of an helicopter crash on the way to an oil rig. In addition, one fatality was determined to be not work-related.

The US Coast Guard, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, and US Coast Guard have put pressure on the BP to stop issuing new offshore oil and gas leases and public lands leases. Last November, a federal judge invalidated the Gulf of Mexico oil lease auction, resulting in only 1.7 million bids. The US Coast Guard's Bureau of Ocean Energy Regulation has been working to make the offshore drilling industry safe, but the BP and its chief contractors are also partially responsible. Halliburton, a contractor BP contracted to handle cementing operations, and Transocean, the mobile drilling rig, are among those responsible.

The Ku-A-A platform fire in Mexico is another example of a major incident that has occurred on an oil rig. The accident has killed five people and injured six, including three Mexican workers and one from the contracting company Cotemar. According to Pemex, one of the four people missing is still at large. The Mexican government is trying to restore Pemex's fortunes to a healthy level. The company also plans to investigate the cause of the blaze.

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