February 6, 2023

Wonder Bar Houston

Wonder Bar Houston

Wonder Bar Houston

For those looking for a more colorful and interactive bar experience, Wonder Bar is the place to go. This Austin transplant offers a number of clever bar installations including a disco ball-shaped bar, a massive interactive Price is a Right wheel and a cloud swing. They also have a pretty cool menu with some fun cocktails and food options. Wonder Bar Houston

Best of all, their signature cocktails are on the cheap at just $12 a pop. Featured drinks include the Disco Bull - Bacardi Dragonberry, Redbull Tropical, Watermelon, and lime; Two in The Pink - Bombay Gin, Deep Eddy Ruby Red, Waterloo Grapefruit Soda, Lime, and Ginger Beer; and Wonder Water - Patron Silver, Patron Citronge Pineapple, Topo Chico, Lemon, and Pineapple.

The best way to experience this bar is to come on a Sunday or Monday when they’re more likely to be empty. The bar also has a small outdoor area where you can enjoy the summer weather.

Wonder Bar is part of Union Venture Group, which also operates Rose Room, Jack and Ginger’s, and 77 Degrees on Rock Rose Avenue in Northside. The new Wonder Bar, which opened in March, is the newest addition to the neighborhood and a welcome addition to the growing list of bars on the block.

Most bars are designed to entertain their patrons, but Wonder Bar is a bit of an art deco marvel, featuring a number of aesthetically striking installations like the aforementioned disco balls and a gigantic Price is a Right wheel. There’s a slew of LED lights and other dazzling decorations that will certainly make you stand out in the crowd.

There’s no denying that Houston’s nightlife is rich with amazing bars and attractions. But the city also has some of the country’s most innovative venues, offering visitors a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that will make them want to return for more.

The most interesting bars in Houston

From an eco-friendly tiki bar in Houston Heights to an interactive bar with whimsical designs in the modish Midtown neighborhood, these places are all about the fun. The followings are the most exciting bars in Houston and their best perks.

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