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Houston Methodist Employees Sue Company Over Vaccine Policy

Houston Methodist is one of the top healthcare providers in the country and offers its employees the opportunity to earn a high salary. They are affiliated with the University of Houston and Weill Cornell Medical College. The company is known for its international recognition of research and teaching and for the quality of its care. In fact, the Houston Methodist Hospital is ranked #49 on the Best Health Care Companies in Texas list. Houston Methodist Employee

While the hospital provides high-quality of care, the company has been facing some staffing problems. Some employees have been forced to leave, but other members of the staff have taken matters into their own hands. Employees have even joined organized demonstrations against the system.

Several weeks ago, a lawsuit was filed by several former employees of Houston Methodist against the company. Several employees claimed that the company was using a vaccine policy that required employees to undergo mandatory vaccinations for certain illnesses. This allegedly posed a risk to employees' health and safety. Moreover, some employees claimed that the company's decision to require employees to be vaccinated was akin to medical experimentation conducted by German researchers during World War II. However, the judge in the case ruled against the suit, saying that the company's policy did not violate any laws.

The suit was filed by a former employee, Willie Harvey. He alleged that a vendor named Jason Lazo had made defamatory statements to him and his supervisor. Harvey also alleged that Houston Methodist was vicariously liable for the defamation, despite the fact that he was not the author of the email that Lazo sent.

Among the benefits of working for the Houston Methodist are a comprehensive health and retirement plan. This includes the company's tuition assistance and a diversity, equity, and inclusion benefit that helps employees manage their student loan debt. Other perks include subsidized parking and a day center-based health care option. There are also specialized benefits for public service loan forgiveness and support for a healthy work-life balance.

Although the company hasn't disclosed the exact number of employees it employs, there are currently more than a thousand. Of those, nearly half are women. Only about 29% are men, and more than a quarter are Black or African American. The company has seven campuses, including its flagship hospital, which is located in Houston. It also has a branch in Katy, Texas.

Despite the lawsuit, the company continues to offer employees a solid benefits package, which features free or subsidized transportation, access to day center-based health care, and in-home care, as well as normal child care. In addition, the company offers an enviable list of perks, including a 401(k) with generous match and diversity, equity, and inclusion benefit.

The company's COVID-19 vaccination policy was the first of its kind by a major provider organization. After announcing the policy, the company suspended 153 employees for two weeks. By the end of the suspension period, 25 had become compliant and returned to work.