February 3, 2023

Houston Score

Houston Scores 26 Points in 4th Quarter to Stink Memphis

In the past four seasons, Houston has climbed to the top of the polls for the first time in 39 years. The Cougars are looking to keep that up Saturday against Alabama, who is 7-1. Houston Score

The score is close in the final five minutes, but Alabama is making it difficult for UH to gain a big lead. The Crimson Tide has been up by as much as 15 in the second half, but the Cougars have fought back to lead 57-53 with 13:30 left.

A crowd of 7,718 showed up to cheer on the Cougars, setting a Fertitta Center record for attendance. They were greeted by rapper and Houston icon Paul Wall, who led the pregame "Whose house, Coogs' House" chant.

There were nuns in the outfield, too — a local businessman brought them to an Astros playoff game in 2021, and they’ve been coming to every postseason game since. It’s a tradition that started because the sisters are so popular with fans, who often cheer them on with orange rally towels.

Sister Marie Therese thinks the Astros will win, and she’s praying for them. She also thinks the sisters will get paid for their services, which is a good thing.

Tune throws a pair of touchdown passes inside the final two minutes as Houston rallied from a 14-point deficit to stun Memphis 33-32 on Friday night. It was the first time an FBS team scored 26 points in the fourth quarter this season, according to ESPN Stats & Information research.

The Texans were unable to run the ball effectively on that drive, which took 7:53 off the clock. They had a couple of miscues by Davis Mills, and he was forced to throw incomplete on a third-and-6 play.

He had a few good looks at the end zone, but couldn’t get a deep ball. That was a costly mistake, and the Jaguars turned it around by forcing a turnover on downs with fewer than four minutes to go.

That drive ended on a sack by Logan Cooke, which gave the Texans the ball at their own 10. From there, the Texans ran on eight straight plays, capped by DeAndre Hopkins’ 5-yard touchdown run to give them a 28-3 lead with 10:33 left in the fourth quarter.

After that, the Texans went on a garbage time drive and scored to make it 38-14. That blew the game open and was all the momentum Houston needed to win.

It’s a great story of overcoming adversity and resiliency. It’s a reminder that there’s no greater way to win a championship than through the hard work of the players. It’s one that will resonate with the rest of us long after this year’s game is over.

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