Traffic on the Bluegrass Parkway was slowed Tuesday afternoon due to a jackknifed tractor trailer. The truck shut down all lanes westbound around 2 p.m. The lanes have since been reopened, but some drivers reported delays of up to an hour. If you're traveling to or from a job, you should consider delaying your trip until the conditions improve. The crash is being investigated as a result of ongoing road construction.

There are many different meanings for jackknifed, including "jackknifed." The word has two meanings in English and in French. The English form is often used as a synonym of the French version. For example, "jackknifed" can be translated as "jackknifed."

In addition to the pain and suffering resulting from a jackknife accident, victims often require extensive medical treatment. The majority of these medical expenses are covered by health insurance policies. Obtaining information about coverage is important for any jackknife accident compensation claim. You must seek the advice of a qualified attorney to pursue the best case scenario for your jackknifed accident. And don't delay treatment!  car wreck lawyers houston texas

In many cases, a jackknife accident can be prevented, with proper braking techniques and adequate training for truck drivers. Despite being an unpredictable and terrifying experience, you may still be entitled to compensation. In addition, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit if you suffered minor injuries. Your truck accident attorney can explain your legal options. If you've suffered severe injuries or have suffered other damages, contact Cordisco & Saile LLC to discuss your options.