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If you have been injured in a car accident In Texas, you have the right to pursue compensation for your losses. Call our Houston Car Accident Lawyer at Rose Sanders Law Firm, PLLC, we can handle all aspects of your personal injury claim.
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Car Accident Lawyer Houston TX

Our personal injury lawyers have the skill and experience to handle any type of car accident claim in Texas, including those arising from:
18-wheeler and commercial truck accidents
Buses and other large vehicle collisions
Ride share driver negligence
Motorcyclists who are hit by other vehicles
The loss of a loved one in a crash
Accidents involving uninsured and underinsured motorists
Cars that hit pedestrians and bicyclists
Distracted driving accidents
Drunk driving accidents
We will aggressively seek out the facts pertaining to the cause of your accident and work to identify all liable parties.

Type Of Car Accidents In Houston

Single Vehicle 

These only involve your car and no one else’s Depending on the scenario, they can be very minor or very serious.

Head-On Crash

These are often devastating car accidents. You often see these type of car accidents on interstate highways.


With these, you may be sitting at a stop light and minding your own business when a car from behind you crashes into your backside.


These types of accidents are often seen with SUV vehicles and other high ride vehicles. Making a turn with a high speed often causes rollover accidents.

Fatal Crash

These are the most heartbreaking cases that we deal with. These involve a driver or passenger that didn’t survive the accident.

Hit & Run

These types of accidents involve one driver hitting another and then escaping the scene before you can communicate with them.

Uber Crash

These type of accidents involve a stranger transporting you to another location in their personal vehicle.

Taxi Cab Crash

These are similar to Uber accidents. You’ll want protection from the car accident attorney as the taxi cab company may do anything it can to refuse liability.

Bus Accidents

If you were involved in a bus accident, be sure to have as many details as you can of the scenario. Even obtain information of the driver and other fellow passengers.

Motorcycle Crashes

These are often one of the most devastating forms accidents. A motorcycle driver has little protection when he or she crashes into an oncoming car, truck or even a tree or power pole.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents always require the help of an attorney. Whether the bicyclist stayed in his lane or not, there’s no physical protection once hit by another vehicle.

ATV Accidents

These are widely considered fun vehicles, but they’re rarely taken as seriously as they should be. ATV accidents can also be devastating depending on the scenario.

how not hiring a car accident lawyer after a Texas Car Accident will cost you More Money

Insurance companies do not thrive by paying the full value of car accident claims. If you want fair compensation, you have to make them pay. This is why it is so important to have a skilled Houston personal injury lawyer advocating for you.

Before becoming a personal injury lawyer, Charles Sanders was a bodily injury insurance adjuster and Claims counsel for many of the major insurance providers in this county. His background in professional liability claims management and “insurance claims risk management” gives him valuable insight when handling insurance claims for auto accident victims. Our law firm is here to put this industry knowledge and experience to work for you.

Car Wreck Lawyer Houston

After a car accident, it is imperative to contact an experienced Houston Car Wreck Lawyer as soon as possible. The police will need your name and license plate number to begin a report. They will need information about the drivers, the cars, any bystanders, and any injuries sustained. The police report will also outline liability and set a foundation for your settlement demands. The car wreck attorney Houston TX that you hire can help you fill out this report, which may prove crucial in your case.

When talking with Lawyers consider the experience of each car wreck attorney. Think about the track record that each attorney has. Rose Sanders Law Firm is a highly recommended personal injury firm. We are consistently at the top of the list for taking care of our clients. Our competent car wreck attorneys have years of experience and will be able to take on any case. A well-qualified and experienced attorney will take command of your case from the start, ensuring you'll receive the best compensation possible. The staff at Rose Sanders are professional, passionate, and ready to take on your case.

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Car Accident Lawyers
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It may seem daunting to pursue a car accident claim, but you don’t have to face this legal matter alone. To speak with an attorney who can guide you through the legal process and protect your rights, contact our Houston Law Office by telephone at (713) 538-1335 or online by filling out a brief contact form.

You Have A Right To Drive On A Safe Road

When a motorist gets behind the wheel, they have a responsibility to drive safely, follow the rules, and share the road with other motorists. If someone is driving recklessly, they are putting themselves and everyone else on the road at risk.

If a motorist causes an accident, you have a right to seek compensation to cover a number of things, including:
Cost of repair
Medical bills
Loss of income
Pain and suffering
Stress and more
If you were involved in a car accident, you need to contact an accident lawyer today. You aren't expected to know your way around the legal system, so a car accident lawyer in Houston will advocate for you to make sure you get compensated. We want to make sure you get the full amount for the pain and suffering that this car accident caused.

Get Fully Compensated With Help From Houston Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents cause more than just physical damage. Along with car accidents comes a lot of headaches in paperwork and expenses. On top of having to deal with the cost of medical bills from car accident injuries, you will also have to deal with the insurance company to get compensated.

Let's face it, the aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming. If you're not at the fault for the accident, you shouldn't have to deal with all the hassles of what comes next. That is why you need a reputable Houston car accident lawyer on your side.

At Rose SandersLaaw Firm PLLC, our Houston car accident lawyers have many years of experience and knowledge to help you through this situation. We want to make sure you get fully compensated to cover any lost wages, medical bills, and repairs. Our team will also deal with the driver's insurance company and insurance adjusters to make things easier for you.

Costs Of a Car Accident

Car accident victims get hit with a lot of expenses after they have been hit by a reckless driver, especially if they have experienced a serious injury. After an automobile accident, you need to contact an experienced car accident lawyer in the Houston area. As a car accident victim, you deserve to be compensated fully. However, you may be wondering what that entails.

There are many things that car accident victims deserve to be compensated for. A Houston car accident attorney from Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC wants to make sure you're aware of everything you're entitled to after a serious car accident. They can be divided into three categories of damages:
Pecuniary Damages
Non-pecuniary Damages
Special Damages

Costs Of a Car Accident

Pecuniary damages are any costs that can be measured financially. These are expenses that will be linked to the car accident. They include:
Medical expenses and medical bills
Cost of repair or replacement of any personal property that was damaged during the accident (this includes your vehicle and personal items that were inside it at the time of the automobile accident)
Lost wages from time unable to work after the accident
Costs of long-term care, such as rehabilitation or physical therapy, for the car accident victims to recover from injuries sustained

Non-pecuniary Damages

At Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC, an experienced car accident lawyer will be able to make sure you get compensated for non-pecuniary damages as well. These are damages that a victim is entitled to that don't have specific costs. Some examples of non-pecuniary damages that a car accident attorney will advocate for are:
Compensation for pain and suffering after the car crash
Future loss of wages or compensation due to the fact that the victim may have to find a new job in a different field
Emotional distress, including depression, anxiety, and trauma
Limitation of physical abilities
Puts stress on relationships with friends, family, and co-workers

Special Damages

It's not just medical expenses and auto repair that people need to worry about paying for after a car accident. There are a lot of out-of-pocket expenses that car accident victims are required to pay. This is why you need a personal injury law firm on your side. A qualified auto accident attorney, like the ones at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC, will make sure you get compensated for the following special damages:
Transportation costs while your vehicle is being repaired and costs to visit the hospital for medical treatment using public transportation (bus, taxi, private driver, etc.)
Short-term and long-term medical expenses
Bonuses and perks missed from work that you otherwise would have received if you were able to work
Missed earning capacity, in case you have to find another job or need to accept a lower-paying job than what you had prior to the car accident

We Represent Victims Of All Car Accidents

Car accidents happen. While you may not have been prepared, the car accident attorneys at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC always are. We handle many personal injury cases every year in Texas. Our Houston car wreck lawyers want to make sure all car accident victims have fair representation.

If you need a lawyer who is experienced with car accident cases, you're in the right spot. The car accident attorneys at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC have many years of experience representing victims from all types of car wrecks, including:
Rear-end collisions
Head-on collisions
Fatal crash accidents
Side impact collisions (t-bone car accident)
Intersection accidents
Side sweep accidents
Car accidents caused by a negligent driver during a lane change or merging
Car accidents caused during left or right turn
Hit and run accidents
Low-speed car accidents
Single vehicle accidents (this is if a negligent driver goes off the road and causes personal injury to you or damage to your personal property)
Were you a victim of any of the above car accidents? Get in touch with our Houston car accident lawyers today and receive a free consultation.

What To Do If You're Involved In a Car Accident

Car Accident
If you're involved in a car accident, there are things you need to do to ensure you stay covered. A car accident is always serious, so first make sure everyone involved is okay. After that, stay put. While you may want to leave, it's important not to leave the accident scene.

We don't want any of our readers to be involved in a car crash, but even the most careful driver could get hit by a negligent driver. If you're in a car wreck, this is what you should do:
Call 911. Whether the accident is minor or major, it will need to be reported to the police. You will also need a medical expert to view how bad the injuries are.
Attempt to keep the scene as is before the police arrive. If it is dark, you should keep your vehicle flashers on so other motorists don't run into the accident scene.
Take pictures of the condition of your vehicle and any injuries you experienced.
This is everything you need to do at the time of the accident. After you get home, there are a few more things that you will need to do. This includes:
Make a doctor's appointment to have your injuries looked at
Consult your employer and make note of any time missed from work due to personal injury
Keep a file that includes any out-of-pocket expenses you had to cover due to the accident

Why Choose Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC

If you're involved n a car accident, you need a car accident lawyer on your side. The car accident attorneys at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC are the top team in Texas for handling your personal injury case.

We are passionate about helping our clients when they need us the most. Our Houston auto accident attorneys show compassion for every client and their situation. We want to make sure you have everything you need as we handle your legal case.

Our team has been rated the top Houston auto accident lawyers because we take pride in making sure our clients have fair representation. Going through the waves of your personal injury litigation is overwhelming. When you're set up with an experienced car accident attorney from Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC, we will make sure your case is in good hands.

There are many common car accident injuries that can put a person out of work for longer than expected. Our team will make sure you get the maximum compensation that you deserve.

Find Out How To Get A Car Accident Settlement Today! We Help Injured Victims in Houston Car Accidents.

You need a legal team that is 100% on your side. After a car accident, you likely aren't in any shape physically or mentally to deal with the work ahead. Whether you have minor injuries or something more intense, like traumatic brain injuries, you need time to rest and heal. During this time, you shouldn't be dealing with additional stress.

That is why your Houston car accident lawyer will take care of the work  behind the scenes to advocate for your case. This includes managing the accident report and dealing with the car insurance company.

But that's not all, a reputable attorney (like the ones from Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC) will do everything in their power to help you win your case. We are fully prepared and know what resources to use to make sure you get the maximum compensation when you're a car accident victim. Your accident lawyer will:
Gather the necessary evidence to prove that the other party is at fault
Build a convincing case that includes all the damages that occurred
Negotiate for a fair settlement (that you approve of) on your behalf
If the case goes to court, we will litigate in your best interest to ensure you get compensated

Don't Get Tricked By An Overwhelming Legal System

One of the worst mistakes that car accident victims make after a car accident is attempting to handle the case themselves. While they are under the impression that this will be the more affordable way to receive compensation, it is actually the opposite. The legal system is complicated and unless you have a background in law, trying to manage your own claim could end up costing you more money than expected.

Always allow an experienced car accident attorney to take on your case. We specialize in helping victims receive full compensation for all damages and out-of-pocket expenses. Let's face it, you likely aren't familiar with all the applicable laws and regulations regarding car accident claims.

The Houston Uber accident lawyer at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC know how uber car accidents also mean a lot of out-of-pocket expenses. We don't want you to have to worry about paying for more expenses on top of that just because you made a mistake on your claim. Our Houston Uber accident lawyers know the law and they know what you're entitled to. That is why you can always trust us to represent you.

Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC Wants to Make Sure You Get Compensated

Most people don't realize all the expenses that come after a car accident until it happens to them. They think that it's just the cost to repair the vehicle and medical expenses. What they don't realize is everything else you have to pay for along with that. Many people are unable to manage their day-to-day routine like they used to, so they have to hire help for house cleaning, lawn maintenance, dog walking, and more while they recover.

Since a car accident usually results in a wrecked car that's not in driveable condition, you could be without your vehicle for a while. This means that you will have to pay for public transportation or hire a personal driver while you're without a car. If your injuries aren't severe enough to keep you off work, you may have to pay to rent a car to get to and from work and manage your other errands.

However, many people experience injuries that leave them out of work. This means that they lose out on their daily wages and any extra bonuses or benefits they could have earned during that time. If the injury is very severe, they may not be able to return to the position they once had. This could force them to find a new job or take a lower-paying position.

Get in touch with an accident lawyer from Rose Sander Law Firm PLLC today. Our goal is to make sure our clients get compensated for every expense that occurs due to the accident. We will also make sure you get compensated for at least 80 percent of the lost wages you experienced during this time, and in time to come.

A Houston Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Learn Your Rights

A lot of car accident victims aren't aware of what they are legally entitled to. They think that as long as their auto repair/ replacement and medical bills are covered that everything is okay. That couldn't be further from the truth. There are many expenses and seatbacks that are caused by a car accident. If you are a victim, you deserve to be compensated the full amount.

The Houston car accident lawyers at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC go above and beyond to make sure their clients are fully informed of what they are entitled to. These lawyers want you to know your rights when you're on the road.

That's not all. If a negligent driver caused the car accident you were in, you will be able to file a claim for accident benefits for you and everyone that was in your vehicle at the time of the accident. You will also be able to file a personal injury lawsuit.

What Is A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you were the victim of a car accident, you will be allowed to file a personal injury lawsuit against the motorist that was driving recklessly. You have the right to a safe driving experience and they put your safety in jeopardy by not following the law.

A personal injury lawsuit is when an injured victim files a claim for any financial loss they experienced due to the accident that the negligent party caused. This lawsuit will provide them with compensation for medical bills, damage to personal property, lost wages, and other out-of-pocket expenses from the accident.

These are considered civil lawsuits and are filed in order to get a legal remedy for any financial losses and other losses that occur due to an accident.

Timing Is Crucial After A Car Accident. Call Our Houston Car Accident Lawyers Today!

If you were a victim of a car wreck, you shouldn't wait around to pursue legal action. Timing is critical to ensure you get the right settlement. In Texas, car accident victims have 2 years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. If you miss this deadline, your claim may be considered invalid. That's why you shouldn't wait to book your free consultation from Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC after you've been involved in a car crash.

In some circumstances, a victim may not feel like they need to pursue legal action. This could be the case if the accident occurred and the victim didn't feel any pain or notice signs of an injury. They may have come to an agreement with the other party to pay for damages, and under the impression that everything is alright.

It's not until a few days later when they have an unbelievable pain in the neck and shoulder region that they realize something's not right. In this situation, a victim may be able to get an extension on their lawsuit date. However, you should always contact a Houston car accident lawyer at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC if you've been involved in a car wreck.

Common Car Accident Injuries Every Motorist In Texas Should Know About

Car accidents cause a lot of damage. Not just to the vehicles, but also to the people involved. If you've been in a car accident that didn't seem serious at first, you may have walked away thinking you were okay. However, you should still be aware of what injuries can occur so you know what to look out for.

Some common injuries that could occur include:
Back injuries
Head injuries
Traumatic brain injuries
Internal bleeding
Spinal cord injuries
Broken bones
Joint damage
Herniated discs
Reach out to us at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC if you have any questions about filing a claim for any injuries you've experienced due to an auto accident. We can even provide support and assistance to victims that are experiencing PTSD due to a bad car crash.

Top Causes Of Car Accidents In Texas

Reckless driving
Distracted driving (talking on the phone, eating, texting, etc.)
Running red lights and stop signs
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Poor road conditions or poor visibility due to a storm
Vehicle defects
Animal crossing
Most of the causes we listed above are at fault of the driver. There are specific rules that apply to everyone who is driving on the road. If a driver fails to follow those rules and causes a car accident, the victim has the right to file a lawsuit for compensation.

Want to make sure you have all the information you need if you were involved in a car accident. Contact a Houston car accident attorney today to learn more and book a free consultation.

Book A Free Consultation With A Houston Car Accident Attorney Now

Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC is a serious law firm that works to help victims who have been involved in a car accident. If you weren't at the fault of this car wreck, you deserve full compensation. Our team of highly qualified auto accident attorneys will advocate on your behalf to make sure you get the benefits that you're entitled to.

We have many years of experience helping victims of car crashes get justice for their injury claims. If you were injured in a car accident that was not your fault, you should speak to one of our Houston car accident lawyers today or fill out a form online for a free consultation. Getting you justice is our top priority.

It's not just other drivers who have been injured by a negligent driver. Pedestrians and cyclists have also been hurt. Reckless drivers have also gone off the road and caused damage to businesses and people's personal property.

No matter which way a reckless driver has caused damage to your life, you deserve justice. Call a Houston car accident attorney today to learn more about your free consultation.

What Car Accident Victims Are Entitled To

If you've been involved in a car accident, one of the first things you should do is contact a Houston car accident attorney. The legal team at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC is always ready to answer questions that you have free of charge. We want to make sure all clients know the law, their rights, and what they are entitled to.
How Truck Accidents

Medical Coverage

After a vehicle accident, you are entitled to medical benefits through your insurance provider. This will cover the cost of all medical expenses you ensure because of the accident. Dealing with the insurance company and insurance adjusters can be one more hassle to add to everything else victims are experiencing.

The legal team at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC will manage your entire medical claim. We will negotiate the case on your behalf and make sure the insurance company doesn't get away with giving you a lowball offer. The Houston car accident attorney handling your case will make sure you get compensated for every cent of your medical bills.

Our accident lawyers will also keep your long-term medical care in mind too when negotiating your case. This includes any type of treatment you will need in the future to fully recover, such as:
Chiropractic care
Massage therapy
Assistive devices
Our legal team can also provide support to get full medical coverage for people that were at fault of the car accident.

Compensate Your Wages

Talking about all the costs that a person faces from a car accident is enough to add a giant headache on top of the injuries they already received. One of the worst parts is knowing that you may not be able to work due to an injury. Losing wages on top of everything else can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for victims.

Nobody should have to go without their wages when an accident wasn't their fault. If you are unable to work due to a car accident, our accident attorneys can help you get the benefits you're entitled to. Victims shouldn't have to worry about how they are going to pay their bills or buy food due to something that is out of their control.

Our team will also contact the short-term/ long-term disability insurer to see what benefits we can access for you based on the extent of your injury. A reputable car accident lawyer will go above and beyond to make sure their clients have everything they need after an accident happens.

Learn About Benefits You're Entitled To

Many car accident victims aren't aware that they could be entitled to certain benefits. When the car accident lawyers at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC take on a new client, we make sure o inform them of what benefits they could be eligible for.

Every car accident victim in Texas has the legal right to pursue financial compensation. This is where the legal team at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC can come in handy. Many insurance companies will play games with their customers. This is because they make money by not giving customers the full amount. That is why they always try to offer victims the lowest offer possible.

While these companies may try everything at their expense to avoid giving you the full compensation, the legal team at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC won't let that happen. These Houston car accident lawyers know what Texas victims are entitled to and won't rest until you get the full amount.

Know About Your Rights After A Car Accident

In Texas, every victim of a car accident has rights. Knowing your rights can make the process a lot less hectic for you. There are three things every Texas citizen should know in case they are ever the victim of a car accident.

You Have The Right To An Attorney

A car accident puts a lot of stress on people because it causes serious injury and damage to personal property. When you find yourself n this position you have the right to hire an attorney that you trust. It's strongly recommended that you call an attorney sooner than later after you are involved in a car wreck.

Your Information Is Private

When you're involved in a car accident, both parties will contact their insurance company. One problem that we hear of often enough is that one driver's insurance provider will contact the other party.

If you receive a phone call or email from the other driver's insurance provider you have the right to keep your information confidential. You don't have to share anything with them. Keep in mind that they are only reaching out to you to help build a stronger case for their client.

You have the legal right to refuse a conversation with the other party's provider. If they remain persistent to speak with you, always have your lawyer handle the conversation. The Houston car accident lawyers at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC have many years of experience dealing with these types of insurance providers and know how to politely handle the call while preventing future calls.

It Is Your Legal Right To Seek Financial Compensation

Every car accident victim in Texas should know that it's their legal right to seek financial compensation after they have been involved in a car crash. Accident claims can be submitted on your behalf, as well as on behalf of everyone that was in the vehicle with you.

All victims will be able to submit a third-party claim to the at-fault driver's insurance company. Some of the main things people seek compensation for are:
Repairs to the vehicle/ replacement of parts
Medical expenses
Loss of earnings
Pain and suffering
Hired help & more

Evidence You Should Keep Documented

settlement taxable
When you are filing a lawsuit, the more evidence you have the better. That is why you should document everything regarding the accident were involved in. In fact, the amount of evidence that's brought forward can often define whether a case is successful or not.

Not only do you have to document information about the at-fault driver's vehicle and insurance information, but you will also need to get testimonies from witnesses of the accident as well as their contact information. However, keep in mind that while getting testimony from a witness will always help your case, the witness doesn't legally have to provide you with one of their information.

There are also important things that you should take note of when it comes to the accident itself. Some things you should make note of include:
What were the weather conditions at the time of the car accident? Could they have played a role in the collision?
How severe were the injuries received? Was the car accident fatal for anyone involved?
Was the at-fault motorist driving a defective vehicle?
Was the driver intoxicated or under the influence of drugs?
When you contact one of the Houston car accident lawyers at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC, we will preserve all of the evidence you have documented to make sure your case gets settled and you receive the compensation you deserve.

Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC Helps Real Texas Victims Every Day

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"I can't say enough good things about the legal team at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC. My attorney went above and beyond to make sure I had nothing to worry about during my case. They also got me a settlement that was much higher than expected. Thank you Rose Sanders Law!" - Mandy K.

"After I sprained my shoulder in a car collision, I found Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC on Google. They gave me a free consultation and also showed me why they were the right legal team for my case. To make it better, they also won the case for me. I highly recommend Rose Sanders Law!" Geri T.

"Each member of the Rose Sanders Law team is warm and friendly. I had a lot of questions before I filed this lawsuit, and they were quick and helpful to answer all of them. I have never received such professional service before. They are the only personal injury lawyers in Texas that I trust." Matt H.

We reach settlements for auto accident victims

The illegal team at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC is dedicated to bringing justice to all victims of auto accidents. We organize three law firms throughout Texas to make sure all victims in the state have access to a car accident attorney that they can trust. Since launching our law firm, we have reached millions of dollars in settlements for our clients. This includes settlements for:
Car collision
Truck accidents
Wrongful death
18-wheeler accidents
Motorcycle accidents
Boat accidents
Forklift accidents & more
If you're a victim of a vehicle accident in Texas, you have the right to receive compensation. Our team of expert lawyers wants to make sure you get the full settlement and don't have t settle for a low offer. That is one of the many reasons why you won't regret hiring Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC.

Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC Locations

Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC is the number one team of Houston car accident lawyers. We have helped several clients across the state of Texas after they have been involved in a car wreck. While our journey started in Houston, we now have law offices open in Dallas and McAllen.

This allows our team to provide top-notch legal services to more people throughout the state of Texas.

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Find Out How Rose Sanders Law Can Help You

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How We Work

The Houston car accident lawyers at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC want every client that reaches out to use to get the best level of services. Unlike other legal teams in the state that can be intimidating, our team always strives to be down-to-earth and welcoming to our clients. While the situation that brought you to us isn't ideal, we want to make sure your experience with Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC is nothing short of good.

It's important that every client feels as though they can trust the car accident attorney that's handling their case. That is why we believe in being transparent the whole way through our client's case.

If you're thinking of reaching out to us at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC to advocate for you on your car accident legal claim, you've made the right choice. Our Houston car accident lawyers will make sure you get the best services. Want to know how our legal services work? Let's take a look at what you can expect.

Reach Out To Us

The very first step in the process is getting in touch with us at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC. You can either give us a call to speak with one of our friendly and helpful experts immediately or call can leave us a message after hours, and we will get back to your the next business day. You can also submit a form online or send us an email to get the process started. One of our Houston car accident lawyers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Free Consultation

The second step is your free consultation. Keep in mind that this step doesn't mean you have to hire us as lawyers. What this involves is the initial conversation about your accidental and case expectations. Our team will learn more about your situation, and you will get a better idea if we are the right team of accident lawyers for your case.

Follow Up

After your free consultation, our legal team will take some time to go over your case. During this time, you can consider if you plan to hire Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC. While we want to help you win your case, we realize that you have many options in front of you. At the end of the day, we want you to have what's best for you. For the third step of the process, one of our lawyers will do a follow-up with you to see if you're interested in hiring us for your case.

Arrange Documents

If we're at the fourth step, it means you decided to let us handle your case. Congratulations! You now have a professional legal team that always has your best interests in mind. We will go above and beyond to help you win your case. In the meantime, we need to have you sign some documents. We will also need to collect any information, documents, or files you have in regard to the case. It's important that we have all of the information needed before we contact the insurance company.

Upfront Costs Are Covered

The Houston car accident attorneys at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you won't have to worry about any of the costs until the case is settled. With every car accident case, we handle there are several upfront costs. Our legal team will cover all of them so you don't have to worry about finances until your case is settled.

Legal Experts Get You The Best Outcome

The Houston auto accident lawyer that represents you will always negotiate on your behalf. These experts know the law and what victims are entitled to. We are proud to represent you and will take your case seriously to get you the best outcome possible. A car accident puts enough stress on your shoulders, you don't need anymore with a bad lawsuit.

Don't Pay Until Your Case Is Settled

Our goal is to get you a settlement. We work on a contingency fee basis so you don't have to pay us until you get your settlement money or get a big win in the courtroom. We make sure our clients always get the outcome they deserve.

Why Choose Us? The Team At Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC Will Show You

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Are you sick of dealing with Houston auto accident attorneys that are only interested in your money? The team at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC is different. We take every client's personal injury claim seriously and treat them as though they were our very own family. When you decide to hire a Houston auto accident lawyer from Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC, you will receive representation that is honest, passionate, and highly skilled.

There are two things that make our legal team stand out from other law firms in Texas. We are highly experienced and always take a compassionate approach. That is why we continue to be named the top-rated local car accident law firm. When you want legal representation you can trust, you need to reach out to the team at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC.

The team at Rose Sander Law Firm PLLC will handle everything related to your case. There is no task that is too small or inconvenient for this team. We will keep your evidence on file, negotiate with your insurance company, and deal with pesky calls from the other driver's insurance company. There is nothing you have to worry about when you choose us.

When you have to deal with a lawsuit over a car accident that you were not at the fault of, you shouldn't have to deal with additional stress and hassles. That is why we want to make this experience as easy as possible for you. On top of delivering you top-level representation, we will also keep you up-to-date with every step along the way. You will be fully informed of everything regarding your legal case.


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions our legal team hears. We want to make sure every car accident victim in Texas has all the information they need after an accident.
What is the limitation period?
Limitation periods are set in place so people don't take advantage of the system after a car accident. The state of Texas allows people to file a lawsuit within 2 years of a car accident. This ensures that they get the compensation they deserve. However, it also keeps both parties safe from future scams. The other party will not be able to come after you if they have pain or injury after the two-year period.
What exactly is a contingency fee basis?
When you have a consultation with one of our Houston car accident attorneys, we will inform you that we work on a contingency fee basis. This has many benefits to you. To sum it up, it means that you won't have to pay unless we win the case. That is why we only represent car accident victims. Our services allow us to hold off on receiving payment until after our clients have received their settlement. We don't harass them with monthly bills or charge them for every phone call and email during the process.
Are discovery examinations part of the process?
If your lawsuit goes to the litigation process, a discovery examination will be a very important part of it. After the lawsuit has been filed, both parties will receive the necessary documents. The discovery examination will give each side a chance to ask questions and build their case around the other party.
Who should I contact after a car accident?
Your lawyers shouldn't be your first call after a car accident. Your first call should be to emergency services. Providing a police statement at the time of the accident is crucial if you plan to file a lawsuit. You will also need to contact a medical professional to examine any injuries on your and others that were in your vehicle.
What is a minor injury cap?
While you are entitled to certain compensations after a car accident, the amount you are entitled to will depend on how severe the car wreck was. The minor injury cap is applied to make sure victims don't take advantage of the car accident claim. There are minor injuries that can be experienced from a car accident that doesn't prevent a person from working or set them back from their regular lifestyle. These include minor cuts, strains, sprains, and slight whiplash.
Am I entitled to compensation?
Your car accident attorney will be able to inform you of an estimate of how much compensation you should be entitled to when you file a car accident claim. There are many factors that affect how much compensation a victim should receive. This includes:
How severe were the injuries you suffered from were
The effect it has had on your working ability and your lifestyle at home
Any pain or suffering you have experienced
Income loss from work
Cost of out-of-pocket expenses related to the accident
Medical expenses and cost of treatment
Should I accept the offer from the insurance company?
Always contact your insurance company after a car accident. This is a very important part of the legal process. however, you should also be aware of how your own insurance company acts. They will go above and beyond to avoid giving you the full settlement. In fact, they may even try to tell you that your injuries are minor. This doesn't sit well with most of our clients, which is why we encourage you not to take a low offer from your own insurance company. Instead, the car accident lawyers at Rose Sanders Law Firm LLC will handle negotiating with the insurance company to get you a fair offer.
What is the cost to file a personal injury claim?
Our services aren't determined by a set fee. Clients will pay for their services with a percentage of their settlement from the car accident. If we don't win your case, you don't have to pay any legal fees. You will never lose all your money in legal fees if you're the victim of a car accident in Texas.
What to do if I can't work after a car accident?
One of the most stressful parts of a car accident is knowing that you may be out of work for a period of time while you recover from the injuries. This can lead a lot of people to stay up worrying about how they will make ends meet. Our Houston car accident attorneys will make sure you know exactly what to expect regarding your compensation for wage losses. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to help the process go smoothly. This includes getting a note from your doctor about the injury and applying for employment benefits.
Can I post about the car accident on social media?
We suggest not posting about the car crash on your social media pages, like Facebook or Twitter. That being said, there is no law stating that you can't post about the auto accident. The reason we believe that you shouldn't is that the insurance company and the other driver's Houston auto accident attorney will be viewing your social media accounts. If you post anything about the auto accident that is exagerated or untrue, you could be penalized for it in court.
Do all cases go to trial?
When it comes to an auto accident, there is usually one person at fault and another who is the victim. These cases are relatively easy to settle and often both parties agree on a settlement before the date of trial. Yet there are times when a situation can't be resolved outside of court. In this case, your Houston auto accident attorney will represent your case in trial.
What do I have to provide during a settlement process?
There are a few things that you will need to provide documentation of when your case goes to trial. Make sure you have all of your medical bills documented and a doctor's note for any future treatments you will need to receive for a full recovery. On top of that, you will also need to provide proof of your income losses. Make sure you include any other money you lost out on due to the car accident, such as bonuses, gratuities, and overtime wages.
What should I avoid doing after a car accident?
There are a few things that people may do after a car accident that could hurt their case. We know a car accident is stressful, but you should never leave the scene before authorities have arrived. Don't try to rush out of the scene to get away from the situation. You should always allow a medical professional to fully examine you. It's also important that you don't hide things or stray away from the truth when discussing the situation with your lawyer.
Does Rose Sanders Law represent all auto accident claims?
If you're the victim of an auto accident that wasn't your fault, the team at Rose Sanders Law will represent you. We don't strictly deal with private car accidents. Our team also represents victims involved in:
Bicycle accidents
Motorcycle accidents
Bus accidents
Multi-vehicle accidents
Transport truck or 18-wheeler accidents
Taxi accidents
Do I Need To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer?
There are many reasons we believe that hiring a lawyer can be beneficial for your case after an auto accident. One of the biggest problems people face is dealing with the insurance company. This is because they are trained to offer the lowest amount. An experienced car accident attorney can help you with a lot of things regarding your case, but it's important to decide if you really need one first.

Most importantly, you will need to determine whether or not you have a case. If this is something that is out of your area of expertise, don't worry. One of our lawyers will handle that during your free consultation. If we believe that you do have a sold case in front of you, we will be able to provide you with the support and guidance needed. One of the most helpful aspects of this is that we will determine whether it's best you reach a settlement or take the case to trial.

If your case needs additional resources, we will take care of finding them. We want to make sure this entire process goes smoothly on your end. After all, you will need to time to heal from the accident. While you rest, the legal team at Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC will manage all the hard work.
How much do lawyers take from car accident settlement in Texas?
1 )Standard Contingency Fee: In Texas, car accident lawyers typically operate on a contingency fee basis. This means they only get paid if they successfully recover compensation for their clients. The standard contingency fee in Texas ranges from 33.33% to 40% of the settlement amount.

2 )Negotiable Rates: While there's a common range for contingency fees, they are negotiable. Lawyers may adjust their rates based on the complexity of the case, the potential damages involved, and other factors. It's essential to discuss fees upfront with your lawyer for car accident cases to avoid misunderstandings later.

3 )Expenses Deduction: Besides the contingency fee, lawyers may deduct expenses incurred during the legal process from the settlement amount. These expenses could include court fees, expert witness fees, medical record retrieval costs, and other related expenditures.

4 ) Legal Consultation: Before hiring a Texas car accident lawyer, it's advisable to schedule a consultation to discuss their fee structure, payment terms, and any potential additional costs. Understanding these details upfront can help you make an informed decision about legal representation.
What are my rights in a car accident in Houston, TX?
Right to Safety: You have the right to safety on the road, including protection from negligent drivers.

Right to Compensation: If you're injured due to someone else's negligence, you have the right to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Right to Legal Representation: You have the right to hire a Car Accident Lawyer to advocate for your rights and ensure you receive fair compensation.

Right to Evidence Preservation: It's essential to preserve evidence from the accident scene, such as photos, witness statements, and medical records, to support your case.

Right to Fair Treatment: You should be treated fairly by insurance companies and other parties involved in the accident.

Right to File a Lawsuit: If necessary, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the responsible party with the assistance of a Car Accident Lawyer Near Me.

Remember to consult with a Car Accident Lawyer for personalized legal advice and representation tailored to your specific situation.
How do I file a car accident lawsuit in Houston, TX?
1 ) Assess the Situation: Determine if you have grounds for a car accident lawsuit. This typically involves proving negligence or fault on the part of the other driver.

2 ) Gather Evidence: Collect all relevant evidence, including photos of the accident scene, witness statements, police reports, and medical records detailing injuries sustained.

3 ) Consult with a Houston Car Accident Lawyer: Seek legal advice from a qualified attorney specializing in car accident lawsuits in Houston. They can provide personalized guidance based on the specifics of your case.

4 )File a Complaint: Your lawyer will file a formal complaint in the appropriate court against the responsible party, initiating the car accident lawsuit process.

5 ) Discovery Phase: Both parties exchange information and evidence relevant to the case during the discovery phase. This may include depositions, interrogatories, and requests for documents.

6 ) Negotiation or Trial: Your lawyer will negotiate with the opposing party for a settlement that fairly compensates you for damages. If a settlement cannot be reached, the case may proceed to trial.

7 ) Court Proceedings: If the case goes to trial, your lawyer will represent you in court, presenting evidence and arguments to support your claim for compensation.
What is the average settlement for a Car Accident in Houston, TX?
The average settlement for a car accident in Houston, TX can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the severity of injuries, property damage, insurance coverage, and liability determination. According to law firms, car accident settlements in Houston typically range from $15,000 to $50,000 for minor to moderate cases. However, more severe accidents involving significant injuries or fatalities can result in settlements exceeding $100,000 or even reaching into the millions.

It's essential to consult with a qualified Houston car accident lawyer to assess the specifics of your case and pursue the maximum compensation you deserve. A skilled attorney can navigate the complexities of Texas laws, negotiate with insurance companies, and advocate for your rights to ensure you receive fair and just compensation for your damages.
Can someone sue you for a car accident if you have insurance in Houston, TX?
Yes, someone can still sue you for a car accident even if you have insurance in Houston, TX.

- Having insurance doesn't prevent someone from filing a lawsuit against you.
- The insurance coverage may mitigate your personal financial liability, but it doesn't eliminate the possibility of being sued.
- If the other party believes they're entitled to more compensation than what your insurance covers, they may pursue legal action.
- Consult with a rose sander law firm or Houston car accident lawyer if you're facing a lawsuit or need legal guidance regarding a car accident sue situation.
- It's essential to understand your rights and obligations under Texas law, especially in complex legal matters like car accidents.
Who decides fault in a car accident in Houston, TX?
Insurance Companies: Initially, insurance companies assess fault based on evidence and statements from parties involved.

Police Reports: Law enforcement officers who respond to the accident scene create reports detailing their findings, which can influence fault determination.

Texas Laws: Fault may be determined based on Texas laws governing traffic and negligence, considering factors like speeding, failure to yield, or running a red light.

Eyewitnesses: Testimonies from witnesses can provide additional insight into the events leading to the accident.

Evidence: Physical evidence such as skid marks, vehicle damage, and surveillance footage can also contribute to determining fault.

Legal Representation: Seeking advice from a Texas car accident lawyer can help navigate complexities in determining fault and ensure your rights are protected in the legal process.

In summary, fault in a Houston car accident is determined by a combination of factors including evidence, police reports, witness statements, and adherence to Texas traffic laws, with legal guidance being essential for a fair resolution
Should I hire a lawyer for a car accident that wasn't my fault in Houston, TX?
Yes, it's advisable.
- Protection of Rights: A Houston car accident lawyer can ensure your rights are protected and you receive fair compensation.
- Navigating Legal Process: Lawyers specializing in car accidents understand the legal complexities involved and can navigate the process efficiently.
- Evidence Collection: They can gather evidence to support your case, such as witness statements, police reports, and medical records.
- Negotiation with Insurance Companies: A lawyer can negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf to ensure you receive the maximum compensation.
- Litigation Support: In case the case goes to court, having legal representation strengthens your position.
- No Upfront Costs: Rose sander Law provide you best car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay if they win your case.
What should I do if someone sues me after a car accident in Houston, TX?
If someone sues you after a car accident in Houston, TX, here's what you should do:

1 ) Stay Calm and Gather Information:
- Remain composed and collect all relevant details about the accident, including photos, witness statements, and the other driver's information.

2 ) Notify Your Insurance Company:
Contact your insurance provider immediately to inform them about the situation. They can offer guidance and support throughout the legal process.

3 ) Seek Legal Representation:
It's crucial to consult with a Texas car accident lawyer specializing in Houston car accidents. They can assess your case, provide legal advice, and represent your interests in court.

4 ) Respond to the Lawsuit:
Take the lawsuit seriously and respond within the specified timeframe. Your lawyer will assist you in crafting a proper response to the allegations.

5 ) Cooperate with Legal Proceedings:
Work closely with your attorney and cooperate fully with legal proceedings, including providing requested documents and attending court hearings.

6 ) Consider Settlement Options:
Explore settlement options through negotiation or mediation to potentially resolve the dispute outside of court, if appropriate.

7 ) Prepare for Court:
If the case proceeds to trial, ensure you're prepared by reviewing the facts of the case with your lawyer and understanding your legal rights and responsibilities.

8 ) Follow Legal Advice:
Trust the guidance of your legal counsel throughout the process and follow their advice to protect your interests and achieve the best possible outcome.
How much is a settlement for a car accident back and neck injury in Houston, TX?
- Settlement amounts for car accident back and neck injuries in Houston, TX vary greatly depending on several factors.

- Factors influencing the settlement include the severity of the injury, medical expenses incurred, lost wages, pain and suffering, and the extent of the impact on daily life.

- Houston car accident settlements for back and neck injuries typically range from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars or more.

- It's crucial to consult with a personal injury attorney specializing in car accident cases in Houston to evaluate the specific details of your situation.

- Experienced attorneys can assess the unique circumstances of your case and negotiate with insurance companies to pursue fair compensation for your injuries.

- Documenting medical treatment, gathering evidence, and seeking professional legal guidance can significantly impact the outcome of your car accident settlement in Houston.
How much can I sue for emotional distress in Houston, TX?
In Houston, TX, the amount you can sue for emotional distress varies depending on several factors, including the severity of the distress, the circumstances surrounding the incident, and the expertise of your legal representation. Texas law allows individuals to seek compensation for emotional distress caused by negligent actions, such as those resulting from a car accident.

Consulting with a Texas car accident lawyer experienced in handling cases involving emotional distress in Houston is crucial to understanding your options and pursuing fair compensation.
How much does an attorney charge for a car accident in Houston, TX?
The cost of hiring an attorney for a car accident in Houston, TX, can vary depending on several factors. Generally, attorneys handling Houston car accident cases may work on a contingency fee basis, typically ranging from 33.33% to 40% of the settlement amount.

However, it's crucial to note that Texas attorney fees are subject to regulations and may differ based on the complexity of the case, the attorney's experience, and the specific arrangements made with the client. Therefore, it's recommended to discuss the cost of representation and fee structure directly with the attorney during the initial consultation.
When should I hire a personal injury lawyer in Houston, TX?
When should I hire a personal injury lawyer in Houston, TX?

- Immediately after the accident: If you've been involved in an accident resulting in injuries, it's advisable to consult with a personal injury lawyer right away.

- Serious injuries: If you've sustained severe injuries requiring medical treatment, a Houston personal injury lawyer can help navigate complex legal procedures and ensure you receive fair compensation.

- Disputed liability: If fault for the accident is contested or unclear, a personal injury lawyer can gather evidence, investigate the incident, and protect your rights.

- Insurance company disputes: If you encounter resistance or delays from insurance companies in processing your claim, a skilled Houston personal injury lawyer can advocate on your behalf and negotiate a fair settlement.

- Statute of limitations: Don't delay in seeking legal representation, as there are time limits for filing personal injury claims in Texas. A personal injury lawyer can ensure your claim is filed within the statute of limitations.

- Complex legal procedures: If your case involves complex legal processes or involves multiple parties, a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can provide invaluable guidance and representation.

- Maximizing compensation: A Houston personal injury lawyer has the expertise to accurately assess the value of your claim and work towards maximizing your compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering.
How long does it take to get a car accident settlement check in Houston, TX?
- Initial Investigation Period: On average, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the complexity of the case and the cooperation of the involved parties.

- Documentation and Evaluation: After the accident, documentation of medical bills, repair estimates, and other relevant expenses is necessary. This phase can take a few weeks to gather all the required information.

- Negotiation Period: Once the documentation is complete, negotiations with insurance companies or legal representatives begin. This phase may take several weeks or months as parties work to reach a fair settlement.

- Legal Processes: In cases where legal proceedings are necessary, such as lawsuits, the timeline can be extended significantly. This may involve court dates, depositions, and other legal processes, adding months or even years to the resolution.

- Settlement Offer Acceptance: Once an agreement is reached, it typically takes a few weeks for paperwork to be finalized, and the settlement check to be issued.

- Factors Influencing Timeline: Various factors can affect the timeline, including the extent of injuries, disputed liability, insurance company responsiveness, and the need for litigation.

- Houston Car Accident Settlement: In Houston, the average time for a car accident settlement check can range from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the specifics of the case and legal procedures involved.

- Texas Car Accident Settlement: Similarly, across Texas, the timeframe for a car accident settlement check varies but typically follows a similar process, with settlements often taking several months to conclude.

- Legal Assistance: Seeking legal counsel familiar with car accident settlements in Houston or Texas can help navigate the process efficiently and ensure fair compensation.
Can you sue for pain and suffering from a car accident in Houston, TX?
Yes, you can sue for pain and suffering from a car accident in Houston, TX. According to law firms from the Texas Department of Transportation, Houston has consistently ranked among the top cities in Texas for car accidents, with thousands occurring each year. Therefore, if you've been injured in a Houston car accident, you have the right to seek compensation for pain and suffering through a personal injury lawsuit.

It's important to Consult with an Experienced Rose Sander Law Firm attornies who specializes in Houston car accident cases to understand your legal options and maximize your chances of success when suing for car accident-related damages
How long does it take to get a settlement check after signing a release in Houston, TX?
1) Typically, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to receive a settlement check after signing a release in Houston, TX.

2) The timeframe largely depends on various factors such as the complexity of the case, negotiations involved, and processing times.

3 ) In simpler cases, where liability is clear and negotiations are straightforward, settlement checks may arrive sooner, often within a few weeks.

4 ) However, more complex cases may require extensive negotiations between parties, potentially prolonging the process to several months before receiving the settlement check.

5 ) Engaging a Houston settlement lawyer can expedite the process by navigating legal complexities, advocating for your interests, and ensuring timely processing of the settlement.

6 ) A lawyer for settlement can assist in streamlining communication between parties, facilitating negotiations, and ensuring all necessary documentation is in order, potentially speeding up the receipt of the settlement check.

7 ) It's crucial to discuss the expected timeline and any concerns regarding the settlement process with your Houston settlement lawyer to gain clarity and manage expectations effectively.

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