McAllen Personal Injury Lawyer

mcallen personal injury lawyer

A McAllen personal injury lawyer is critical to recovering the maximum amount of compensation possible for your injuries. Texas uses a modified comparative negligence standard that prevents victims from recovering unless they were 51 percent or more at fault for the accident. As a result, parties facing a lawsuit will be motivated to prove that they are not to blame for the accident, and will thus lessen the compensation that can be awarded to them.

A McAllen personal injury attorney focuses on determining liability and identifying the responsible parties. In addition to investigating the accident and identifying the responsible parties, personal injury attorneys also negotiate settlements on behalf of their clients. Moreover, they collect evidence to show liability and witness testimony and provide legal guidance to their clients. Lastly, they help them decide whether to settle their case or file it in court. They also provide litigation services, including opening arguments, presenting evidence and examination of witnesses.  car wreck lawyers houston

An important aspect to consider when hiring a McAllen personal injury lawyer is the statute of limitations. Generally, a claim has two years to be filed after the date of the injury. In exceptional cases, however, this period is extended, depending on the circumstances. As such, you should seek legal counsel as soon as possible to make sure that your case is not lost to the court system. The Patino Law Firm, a McAllen personal injury lawyer, can help you maximize your compensation.

Statutes of limitations can also prevent you from filing a lawsuit. Depending on the nature of your accident, you may have two years to bring your claim. Failure to file your lawsuit within the statute of limitations will prevent you from recovering any compensation, so it is important to contact a McAllen personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Remember that time is of the essence, and you must protect evidence and interview witnesses promptly to make a successful case.