January 27, 2023

QB For Houston Texans

Houston Texans Will Draft a QB in the First Round of the 2023 NFL Draft

The Houston Texans need a playmaker up front and a steady QB. While they could sign a veteran to fill the role, it is likely they will draft a quarterback in the first round. They are in good shape to pick the top player in the class in 2023, and they have plenty of assets to improve on in the offseason. QB For Houston Texans

Despite their disappointing season, Houston Texans quarterback Davis Mills showed some promise in his rookie year. He threw 11 touchdowns, and had 11 interceptions, with a 61.9 completion percentage. Whether or not he can develop into a long-term answer is yet to be seen. However, new head coach David Culley will be in charge of Mills' development.

During the offseason, offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton provided some clues as to the team's quarterback needs. As the Houston Texans look to rebuild, it will be interesting to see how they handle the position. Regardless, the Texans have a lot of draft assets, including a first-round pick. There are a number of quarterbacks that could be on the Texans' radar, and they are likely to select a new starting quarterback in the draft.

Several of the top passers in the 2023 draft are available, including Ohio State's C.J. Stroud and Alabama's Bryce Young. If the Texans choose one of these quarterbacks, they may be able to trade their first-round pick for a veteran, and they might be able to grab another quarterback in the second or third round.

Texans fans can rejoice at the prospect of a new starting quarterback. After all, they gave up a top player in Matt Schaub to the Oakland Raiders, but they have several other players that they can work on in the offseason. And the team has ample cap space, which could be used to trade for a proven QB.

Even though Houston has plenty of talented young players, they need a veteran player. That means they can either target a veteran in the draft or trade up in the first round to grab a player with a high ceiling. With a few good draft choices, they could build an instant winner.

In the second round, they will have the opportunity to select either Stroud or Will Anderson. Those are the top two passers in the draft, but if they don't take them, they may consider drafting Levis, who has the same floor as Stroud but isn't quite as highly ranked.

In the third round, they can select QB Jordan Mills, who has shown some potential as a rookie. Although he hasn't been able to match his numbers, he did rank 29th in QBR (33.2) and expected points added (24.7) last season.

Unlike the Texans' rookie, Mills has experience in the "two-quarterback system." Previously, he split time with Jeff Driskel. A former member of the Denver Broncos, Driskel played read-option quarterback for Houston. His best game came in Week 11 when he completed 76% of his passes for 175 yards and a touchdown. 

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