School Bus Accident In Houston

school bus accident in houston

There is a large body of evidence that links a Buick LaSabre driver to a fatal school bus accident in Houston. According to police, the driver of the Buick thought another vehicle was drifting into her lane and struck the side of the bus. This caused the bus to careen from the overpass. The bus driver was not charged in the crash, and police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash.

If you were not present at the accident, you can gather information from other drivers and the school administration. You can also seek the help of an attorney, who will handle the claims process and negotiate with the bus company's insurance adjusters. There is a strict statute of limitations for filing claims, so you must act fast. To file a lawsuit against a bus driver, you have 90 days to file your claim. If you don't file a claim in time, you may not get the compensation you deserve.

After the crash, the driver of the Buick Le Sabre fled the scene. It is unclear why the bus swerved, but the driver may have been intoxicated or impaired. It's unclear at this point whether the driver will face any charges, but the bus accident is certainly tragic and traumatic for everyone involved. The drivers' actions have clearly contributed to the fatal accident. In fact, the crash has left many people injured and the community in shock.

If you are in an accident involving a school bus in Houston, Texas, you should consult with a Houston bus accident attorney as soon as possible. These attorneys can review the circumstances surrounding the accident, identify any negligent parties, and fight for the compensation you deserve. As a result, your time frame for filing a claim may be limited, so you should be prepared to hire a Houston bus accident lawyer. They are experienced in a wide variety of cases, including school bus accidents.

The school bus crashes in Houston, Texas are among the most devastating types of accidents. While school bus passengers rarely suffer fatalities in collisions, the drivers of other vehicles are the ones at the highest risk. The biggest risks for passengers on a school bus happen when a student is boarding or exiting the vehicle. They are at risk of being struck by other vehicles or by the bus itself. Even if parents cannot control other drivers, they can educate their children about the importance of safety.

A Katy ISD school bus was involved in a collision with a METRO bus in Houston, Texas. The bus was headed to Taylor High School, where it collided with another bus. Students were not injured, but the driver and the passenger boarder were injured in the crash. Several students on the bus were released to their parents and taken to campus on another bus. The cause of the crash is still being investigated.