School Bus Accident Houston Texas

The crash involved a school bus that had five passengers on board. One female passenger died at the scene and another died soon after being transported to the hospital. The bus was equipped with safety devices such as seat belts and seven surveillance cameras. The driver of the Buick LeSabre, who has not been identified, admitted hitting the bus, but claimed she was reacting to another vehicle drifting into her lane. The accident remains under investigation, but the school district has remained cooperative.

Investigators are still trying to determine the exact cause of the crash, but it seems to have involved two separate vehicles. A school bus in Houston, Texas was flying off an overpass when it was hit by a Buick LeSabre. The bus then overturned, landing on the access road below. Two students died, a 17-year-old REACH student and a 14-year-old freshman at Furr High School. The bus driver and other passengers have not yet been identified, and police have yet to file charges.

This Houston school bus accident killed two students and injured three others. The bus driver tried to avoid the crash, but was overcorrected and the crash happened. Apparently, the impact was so loud, the crash was heard several blocks away. But, in retrospect, the crash was preventable. Investigators are attempting to piece together the final moments that led to the crash. Until now, the accident was a tragedy that could have been prevented.  car wreck lawyers near me

When a school bus is involved in an accident, the claims process can be complicated. While you are filing a claim with the school district, it is important to remember that a school bus is a huge vehicle. It weighs seven times more than an average sedan, and the forces involved are tremendous. Therefore, even a minor accident involving two passenger cars could have devastating effects. That's why it is important to get the right medical attention right away.

A child was nearly struck by a car while exiting a school bus in Houston. This close call serves as a reminder to Texans to make sure they know how to pass safely when approaching a school bus. This close call reminds us to educate ourselves on Texas laws regarding school buses. We can help protect our children by filing a school bus accident lawsuit. So, get started today and protect your rights.

Oftentimes, the fault isn't the driver, but the other driver. A defective part or component may have caused the accident. If a bus driver has no insurance, you may be able to make a claim against the driver's insurance company. Depending on the circumstances of the crash, the other driver may also be held responsible for the accident. If this happens, a school bus accident lawyer can help you file a claim for compensation.