Complex Property Division for Business Owners

In every Texas divorce, property division is likely to come up for couples who own businesses, have real estate holdings, or own significant assets. 

Property division determines how said assets are distributed at the conclusion of the divorce. Because of the nature of this aspect of divorce, it can be emotionally and financially difficult.
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How are assets divided in a Texas divorce?

As a community property state, Texas law states that whatever is acquired by either spouse during the marriage belongs to both spouses, regardless of who purchased the property or whose name is listed as the owner.

Some properties can be designated to one spouse, especially:
Any assets owned by a spouse before the marriage
Any assets that one spouse inherits in their own name
Any gifts received by only one spouse
Damages awards recovered in a personal injury case
All other assets are considered community property and a subject to the courts distribution.

Erica Rose and the attorneys at Rose Sanders Law will work closely with you to determine whether an asset is community or separate property. This preparation can have a significant impact on the overall distribution of assets during a divorce.
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At Rose Sanders Law, your legal and financial needs come first.

When the valuation of a closely held family business is needed during a divisive contested divorce or high net worth divorce, the skilled and experienced attorneys at Rose Sanders Law are here to support you through this challenging process.

Attorney Erica Rose Sanders brings her years of family law experience, legal knowledge, courtroom skills, personal service, and track record of success to your objectives when business futures are decided during a divorce. She understands how challenging the divorce process is, and promises to fight for your rights with compassion and patience.

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