Contested and High Net Worth Divorces

Any number of issues can make a divorce contentious and send it to a courtroom for resolution of disputes. At The Rose Sanders Law Firm, our founding attorney Erica Rose knows the battles that are worth fighting—ccustody of a child, ownership of significant marital assets, and access to a closely held family business, just to name a few.

Business owners face special challenges with protecting lifelong investments in companies built before a marriage. Whether or not a prenuptial agreement exists, Erica Rose crunches the numbers, applies his extensive legal knowledge, charts an effective course of action, and provides direct personal service throughout the legal process.
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How Long Does A High Net Worth Divorce Take?

Texas has a mandatory 60-day waiting period for every divorce action filed. That being said, there are typically more assets and properties in play when high-net-worth individuals file for divorce. 

While a typical divorce can take anywhere from six months to two years, divorces involving more assets can take even longer. The more there is to fight over, the longer your divorce could take. 

The Rose Sanders Law Firm makes an effort to be as expedient as possible and advises you to carry on with your life as your lawyer goes through the process.

What If My Spouse and I Signed a Prenuptial agreement?

If you and your spouse signed a prenuptial agreement prior to your marriage, there is a chance it may not be upheld during the divorce process. Certain clauses may not be relevant, or the judge may believe fraud was involved. If you signed a prenuptial agreement and are now getting a divorce, you must discuss your marital contract with your attorney right away

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When negotiations have broken down and divorce litigation is the last resort, Erica Rose is the aggressive advocate you need on your side, in and out of the courtroom. She has years of experience with the investigation of child access issues and property division concerns and provides a strong voice for your goals before the judge and jury.
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