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Understanding the Division of Stock Portfolios and Investments in Texas Divorces

In Texas, a community property jurisdiction, any property acquired during the marriage is equally owned by both spouses. This includes stock portfolios and investments earned within the marriage timeframe, making them subject to division during divorce proceedings.

Factors Determining Stock Ownership Post-Divorce

Several factors determine the division of stock portfolios and investments after a divorce:

Pre-marriage stock holdings: If a spouse brought stock holdings into the marriage, these stocks are generally considered separate property. However, the value increase of these stocks during the marriage is considered marital property.

Stock option ownership: Employers may offer stock options or award shares to employees, which can be considered partially marital property. Any growth in stock value during the marriage is deemed marital property, regardless of when it was purchased or awarded.

Expert Valuation and Legal Support

Careful analysis of the stock's timeline, purchase details, and growth is essential to ensure a fair settlement for both spouses. Rose Sanders Law Firm's experienced attorneys specialize in high-asset divorces and are skilled at navigating the complexities of stock portfolios and investments. We fight for our clients, striving for fair compensation following their divorce.

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