Houston Weather Forecast

The Houston Weather Forecast For Today and Tomorrow

The weather forecast in Houston for the next 25 days is relatively dry compared to the last few months. The cold front that rolled into the area on Monday will be accompanied by a fair amount of rain. Fortunately, the showers will be light and fluffy. In addition to the front, a low-pressure system will be helping keep temperatures cool. Despite the chilly temperatures, the skies will be mostly clear by midday. This will be a welcome change from the oppressive humidity of the last few weeks. Houston Weather Forecast

A cold front has moved into the area and will be the primary culprit behind today's cooler-than-normal temperatures. However, that doesn't mean the day will be a total wash. Today's high will only reach the mid-60s, but plenty of sunshine will keep the humidity levels down and prevent showers from becoming a big deal. Meanwhile, overnight lows will be in the 40s and 50s.

One of the coolest features of the Houston area is its unique water temperature. During the summer, the temperature ranges from 80 to 85 degrees. But during the winter, the city will have a much colder climate with temperatures hovering in the 40s and even the 30s. Although the temperatures in the north are below average, the rain in the south isn't far off from the norm. There are also some tropical storms headed this way.

There's a chance of light rain in the early hours of the morning, but that's about it for now. As the evening draws closer, a slight chance of storms is possible, but this is not going to be a major concern. For a brief period of time, the skies will clear, but the heat will be back. It's best to be prepared.

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