January 23, 2023

Houston Restaurant Week

Houston Restaurant Week - A Month-Long Fundraiser For the Houston Food Bank

Houston Restaurant Week is a month-long dining event that raises money for the Houston Food Bank. Founded in 2003, the program has helped to raise over $16.6 million to support the food bank's mission of feeding hungry children and their families. Since then, HRW has expanded to include a variety of dining options, including lunch, brunch, and dinner. There are more than 250 restaurants that participate each year. Houston Restaurant Week

In recent years, the cost of participating in HRW has increased. This is primarily due to the increasing costs of ingredients due to a shortage in supply chains. Also, the COVID pandemic has made labor harder to find. As a result, some of the finer dining establishments have chosen to charge more for meals, even though they will still offer a "special deal" for $55 or $39 dinners.

While the price point for the meal has increased, the actual donation has not. The participating restaurants still make a donation of between six and 18 meals for the Houston Food Bank each time they sell a meal during the event. However, this year's donation will be lower than last year's. For every $55 meal sold, a restaurant will donate $6 to the food bank.

One of the biggest draws of Houston Restaurant Weeks is that it offers a wide array of dining options for affordable prices. Some of the most popular Houston restaurants participating in the event include Post Oak Grill, Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse, and Churrasco.

Aside from their traditional menus, some of the participating restaurants will also offer special multi-course discounted menus that can be purchased for takeout. Many of the restaurants will also feature two- and three-course brunch menus.

Historically, the cheapest meal offered during HRW was a $20 lunch menu. This year, the price point will be $25 for a brunch menu or lunch. Additionally, some of the finer establishments will offer special multi-course discount menus for dinner.

HRW is expected to launch a website on July 17 that will list all participating restaurants. Participating restaurants will offer specially created menus that highlight their most popular recipes. During this year's Houston Restaurant Week, more than 250 restaurants will serve specially priced dishes, from casual dining to fine dining.

One of the best things about Houston Restaurant Weeks is the amount of money the restaurants raise for the Houston Food Bank. According to the Cleverley Stone Foundation, the program has raised over $16.6 million for the food bank.

Although the Houston Food Bank is the main beneficiary of the event, many participating restaurants will also make donations on their own. For example, at Post Oak Grill, a special menu will be offered for dinner. It will include center-cut steaks, fresh seafood, and salads.

Houston Restaurant Weeks is held at various locations throughout the city. It is the largest annual fundraiser for the food bank, raising more than $16.6 million. To date, it has enabled the distribution of more than 44 million meals to children and their families in need.

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