Best Restaurants in Houston

Best Restaurants in Houston

Houston is a vibrant, exciting city that offers a wide variety of eateries and food options. It's a great place to sample a variety of cuisines, including Tex-Mex, Latin American, and Asian. Whether you're looking for a place for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there's something for every taste. From barbecue to Tex-Mex to fusion, Houston's diverse population makes it the perfect location to try a variety of foods. Best Restaurants in Houston

The best restaurants in Houston are known for their unique and fun dining experiences. Some of the city's top eateries are located in the bustling EaDo neighborhood, which has been called the "culinary capital of the South." Here, you can find a number of scrumptious restaurants. In fact, many of Houston's most popular purveyors are located here, along with a few newcomers.

One of the most notable spots is Uchiko, which opened in May of this year. This yakitori grill features a charred vegetable and smoke element that adds another layer of flavor. Another favorite is Koala Kolache, a burger and cheese grits joint. You can also enjoy a klobasniki, a Russian kolache filled with beef and cheese.

Houston also has plenty of places to enjoy authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Nguyen Ngo French Cafe offers banh mi, or French-style banh mi, which is topped with pAC/tA(c) or housemade buttery mayo. Nam Giao, on the other hand, is a popular Vietnamese restaurant with a long history in the Houston community. At this establishment, you can order Banh ram it, crystal dumplings, and Banh Beo, a delicate rice noodle crepe wrapped around a meat filling.

For a more sophisticated experience, check out The Bistro, a casual yet elegant restaurant that serves delicious breakfast and lunch items. A cozy, family-friendly spot, the Bistro is a favorite among locals and socialites alike. Generally, the restaurant is open most nights but will close at night when the Alley Theatre is closed.

Other restaurants that serve up a range of fusion dishes include Ninfa's Cafe and Bravery Chef Hall. Ninfa's offers a variety of steak options, along with generous portions. Bravery Chef Hall boasts five open kitchen concepts and a wood-burning steakhouse. There's even a dog park.

Another popular place to eat in Houston is the breakfast klub. Located in the Midtown area, this popular deli serves breakfast and lunch favorites, like the legendary catfish and grits. You can choose from a variety of bread, toast, and eggs.

Other hotspots include Killen's Texas Barbecue, Ray's Real Pit BBQ Shack, and Gatlin's BBQ. While you're there, try a tater tot casserole or a corn pudding.

In addition to the restaurants listed above, you can sample some of the best Houston cuisines at any of the numerous Tex-Mex restaurants in the city. There are plenty of options for a Cajun crawfish boil, as well as a wide selection of seafood. If you're looking for a place to take your family, you can visit any of the many seafood options in the EaDo area.