Texas School Bus Crash

texas school bus crash

In a recent Texas school bus crash, 11 students and one adult were injured. Fortunately, all of them have been released from the hospital and are home with their families. The crash is being investigated by the state's crash team. Meanwhile, the Andrews High School football game against Springtown has been postponed until further notice. The driver of the bus was driving the wrong way on I-20, according to officials.

The accident happened after a Buick LeSabre struck the bus in front of it. The bus rolled over and crushed the buick. One student was pronounced dead at the scene. The other student, a 14-year-old freshman at Furr High School, was pronounced dead at the hospital. A full list of the victims has not yet been released. While the bus driver is not facing criminal charges at this time, his family is still mourning.  car wreck lawyers in houston

The driver of the wrong-way truck suffered only minor injuries. The bus's passengers were not hurt in the crash. The driver of the truck died on the scene. Another high school student was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Katy. The school district, which is located near the border of New Mexico, did not immediately return phone calls seeking comment on the students' injuries. The second bus was unharmed and the driver of the pickup truck was not cited.

The school bus was traveling through West Texas, and a wrong-way pickup truck hit the bus. The driver of the other bus, the band director, and the bus driver were all killed. One adult was also injured. The remaining students were unharmed. A second Andrews ISD bus was also at the scene. The uninjured students were transferred to Big Spring Athletics Training Center, where local residents dropped off water and snacks.

A bottling truck collided with a school bus in 1989. The bus went into a caliche pit, a flooded pit. The driver, Brenda Armster, was acquitted of negligence homicide, but the settlements caused a division in the community. A middle school in the town of Alton is named after the victims. It's unclear how many children died. While the driver was distracted, the crash is still tragic.

If you or a loved one was injured in a school bus crash, it's important to seek medical attention. Once you have obtained proper medical attention, you should write down important information so you can get compensation. If you don't know what to do, a Houston auto accident attorney can assist you with the process. Your attorney can help you navigate the complicated legal process of claiming compensation from the school district. If you or a loved one has been injured, you can pursue legal action against the negligent party.