Types of Invasion of Privacy

types of invasion of privacy

Invasion of privacy is a broad category of tort claims that arise when someone intentionally infringes on an individual's privacy rights. The Restatement (Second) of Torts identifies four separate causes of action. One type of invasion of privacy is intrusion on seclusion. Invasion of seclusion occurs when someone intentionally intrudes on an individual's solitude or private affairs or concerns. Another type of invasion of privacy is appropriation, which involves a person's unauthorized use of another's name or likeness.  car wreck lawyers houston texas

Other common invasions of privacy involve publication or misuse of private information. For example, an employee of a company gaining access to a customer's private information intrudes into the private affairs of that customer. Such an employee would fall under the first type of invasion, while disclosure of private facts would fall under the second category. Both types of invasions of privacy are common in today's society, but they are not equally damaging.

The legal definition of invasion of privacy varies from state to state. A person may be liable for causing damage to another's reputation, which can be devastating. A liability insurance policy for invasion of privacy can help protect an individual and their reputation, and it may even save an individual or business from a lawsuit. By using a website such as Insureon, small business owners can easily compare commercial insurance quotes from several insurance companies.