April 25, 2024

Common Types of Personal Injuries in Texas and How to Seek Compensation

You know how life can throw unexpected challenges at you when you least expect them, right?

It's not something any of us plan for, but accidents happen, and when they do, they can turn your world upside down in the blink of an eye.

Now, let's pause for a moment and ask ourselves: What happens next? How do you navigate through a personal injury claim? Do you have to go to court? Is the settlement offer enough, or are you getting low-balled?

Understanding personal injuries in the Lone Star State could be your lifeline during tough times, and knowing how to seek compensation can make all the difference.

Let me explain further: in personal injury claims and court cases, the people making the final decisions weren't present to see the events unfold firsthand.

So, what does that mean for you?

It means the burden of proof falls squarely on your shoulders, my friend. Yep, you heard me right. Collecting evidence, building your case, and telling your side of the story—all on you.

But hey, don't sweat it just yet. We've got your back; we're here to guide you through every step of the process. 

Let’s get into it, starting with understanding the common types of personal injuries in Texas.

Rose Sanders - Types of Personal Injuries in Texas

Car Accidents: Leading Cause of Personal Injury

Car accidents are the leading reason people get hurt in Texas. Every year, there are millions of these accidents reported. Busy cities like Houston and Dallas see a lot of them. They range from small bumps to big pile-ups, and they can hurt people, both physically and emotionally.

Here are some common injuries from car crashes:

Whiplash and Neck Injuries: When a car suddenly stops or hits something, your head can snap forward or backward, hurting the soft part of your neck.

Back Injuries: The force of a crash can strain your back muscles or even hurt your spine, causing a lot of pain and making it hard to move.

Head Injuries: Getting hit in the head during a crash can cause anything from a mild bump to a serious brain injury, which can be life-threatening.

Broken Bones: Crashes can break your arms, legs, ribs, or collarbones, and fixing them often takes a lot of medical care and time to heal.

Internal Injuries: Sometimes, even if you don't see any cuts or bruises, a crash can hurt your insides, like bleeding or damaging your organs, which can be really serious.

If you've been in a car crash in Texas, the first thing to do is make sure you're okay. Even if you don't feel hurt, it's smart to see a doctor right away. It's also important to call the police and get a report of what happened.

Rose Sanders Law Firm can help, talk to one of our personal injury lawyers. They can help make sure you get the money you need to cover your medical bills and other expenses from the person who caused the crash.

Slip and Fall Accidents: Understanding Your Rights

It’s everyone’s most embarrassing nightmare, You're strolling through the grocery store grabbing snacks when all of a sudden—you slip on a wet floor. Next thing you know, you're taking a tumble.

Ouch! These types of accidents are pretty common in Texas. Whether you're at the supermarket, a restaurant, or just walking around your office building, they can catch you off guard.

They're usually caused by things like slippery floors, bumpy sidewalks, or places where it's too dark to see.

Now, here's the tricky part: even though slip-and-fall accidents might not seem like a big deal at first, they can actually lead to some pretty serious injuries. We're talking broken bones, twisted joints, and even injuries to your head or back.

The people who own or manage the place where you got hurt—they have a responsibility to keep things safe for visitors like you. That means making sure floors are dry, walkways are clear, and everything's well-lit. Life happens; however, sometimes they drop the ball and that's when accidents happen.

So, what can you do if you find yourself nursing a sprained ankle or a sore back after a slip and fall? Well, first things first. Make sure to take pictures of where it happened. Also, get statements from anyone who saw it. Most importantly, get yourself checked out by a doctor.

Here's where it gets interesting: if the property owner or manager didn't keep things safe, you might have a case to get compensated for your injuries.

Navigating through all the legal stuff can be a bit overwhelming on your own. That's where a smart personal injury lawyer comes in handy—they can help you figure out your rights and make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Workplace Injuries: Know Your Rights as an Employee

Workplace injuries are a significant concern in Texas. Jobs are found in a variety of ways here, such as construction, factories, hospitals, restaurants, you get the picture. 

Every job comes with a layer of risk; whether it’s slipping and falling, a mechanical malfunction, job site hazards, etc.

It’s management’s responsibility to make the workplace safe. They've got to follow the rules about keeping workers healthy and safe; for example, OSHA might come to mind here.

No matter how much foresight goes into it, accidents still happen. In the event that you get hurt while working, you have rights. You might be able to get help from your employer, like getting your medical bills paid, getting money when you can't work, or getting help if you can't work anymore because of your injury.

If someone else's mistake caused your injury, such as a company that made faulty equipment, or a contractor who didn't follow safety rules, you might be able to get even more help. Talking to a lawyer who knows about personal injuries can make a big difference in your case.

Rose Sanders Law Firm can help you understand what you can do to get the money you deserve for your injury. So, don't wait—get help if you've been hurt at work in Texas.

Medical Malpractice: Holding Healthcare Providers Accountable

Medical malpractice happens when a doctor or nurse doesn't do their job the right way, and it hurts the patient.

This could happen because they made a mistake in diagnosing a problem. It might also occur due to errors during surgery, giving the wrong medicine, causing harm during childbirth, or not informing the patient enough about the risks of treatment.

Proving medical malpractice means demonstrating that the healthcare worker didn't perform their job well. Additionally, it entails showing that their mistake caused harm to the patient.

This can be pretty complicated and might need experts to explain what went wrong.

If you believe you've been harmed due to medical malpractice in Texas, it's crucial to reach out to a lawyer who specializes in these types of cases. They'll carefully examine your medical records, consult with experts, and advocate on your behalf. Your goal? To secure compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages, as well as to address the pain and suffering you've endured.

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks: Seeking Compensation for Injuries

Dog bites and animal attacks are a big concern in Texas because many families own pets, such as dogs, cats, and even some more unusual animals. 

While spending time with animals is usually enjoyable and safe, sometimes situations can take a turn for the worse, especially if an animal becomes scared or feels threatened.

Additionally, here's something important to know: in Texas, if someone's dog or pet injures you, they're responsible for what their pet did, even if they didn't expect it to happen. 

This means that if you've been hurt by a dog or another animal, there's a possibility you could receive compensation. 

This money could help cover expenses like medical bills, missed work, and emotional recovery.

If you've been bitten or attacked by a dog or animal in Texas, don't wait! You need to see a doctor right away to make sure you're okay. It's also super important to write down what happened and tell the local animal control people about it.


Dealing with what comes after an injury can be tough, but you don't have to do it all alone.

First things first, get help from a doctor fast. Get a copy of the medical report and talk to a smart lawyer who knows about personal injuries. People do not realize how critically important this first step is in reinforcing your claim.

Regardless of if you got hurt in a car crash, slipped and fell, got hurt at work, or were bitten by a dog, the Rose Sanders Law Firm is here to help you all the way.

Rose Sanders - Types of Personal Injuries in Texas

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