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Erica Rose has a special passion for family law and advocating for parents going through child custody issues. At Rose Sanders Law Firm, PLLC, our experienced lawyer fight for their clients and feel especially inspired to help those who are hardworking and want to better their lives for themselves and their children.
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Erica Rose has a special passion for family law cases and advocating for parents going through child custody issues.

What is a Child Custody Modification in Houston?

If you disagree with the outcome of your custody disputes, you can appeal the court's decision in Texas. In some custody cases, you may be able to regain custody or visitation rights to your child after exemplifying to the court that you have made optimistic adjustments to your life. In addition, our Houston custody lawyers can help you work to modify custody, visitation, and child support agreements in certain circumstances.

How Do Houston Texas Courts Handle and Determine Custody?

In any custody case, the Houston court's priority is the child's best interests. To that end, any Texas courthouse considers the following factors (among others) during child custody cases:
The health of each parent (physical, mental)
The parents' previous behavior surrounding the child
The stability of each parent's home
The parents' conduct during the custody dispute
Witness testimony (if any exists)
The child's preference (if they're old enough to have input on the case)
A Texas judge will consider many different factors when determining child custody and visitation.

If either parent has a history of domestic violence, convictions, or abuse, that parent may not receive legal custody. Instead, that parent may only have limited visitation with their children until the Texas court believes they no longer pose any danger to the children.

Types Of Family Law

Learn more about the different types of family law.

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